VR For Your Space

YouVR is a Property Technology Company that provides VR solution and platform for space. We empower everyone to create and share professional VR tours conveniently and quickly

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Tour Creator

Create, manage and share VR tours on your desktop computer

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Drag & Drop Layout
Share Quickly
& Easily

Easily upload panoramas and floorplans to create immersive VR
tours and share directly with your clients!

YouVR 3D Home

Create a VR tour on your smartphone easily with a 360-degree camera or motorized smartphone rotator and share it online immediately. There is no need to use sophisticated stitching software, or an expensive DSLR camera.

YouVR 3D Home app is compatible with iPhone 5s & Android 5.0 and later.

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YouVR View

Experience immersive property viewings on your smartphone with YouVR View app when paired with a VR goggle. Switch from viewing on the web browser to immersive showcasing on VR goggle conveniently and quickly with QR code scanner.

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Compatible Devices

Use any of these devices to capture 360 panoramas


Rotator + Smartphone

Do everything on your smartphone. Pair a rotator to your smartphone via YouVR 3D Home app to capture high-quality 360-degree images (up to 22 megapixels (iPhone 7)). The rotator is compatible with all standard and professional tripods.

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360 Camera

To create and share a VR tour in the quickest time, use a 360-degree camera together with the YouVR 3D Home app. The YouVR 3D Home app currently supports Ricoh Theta SC and Samsung Gear 360 only.


Mirrorless Digital Camera

For best imaging quality VR tours, we recommend using Sony Alpha 6000/6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera with Meike 6.5mm fisheye lens shot on a panohead and a professional tripod.

Sample VR Tour

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Why Choose Us?

We’re different from other solution providers

Device Compatibility

Create a tour using 360 cameras, smartphone, rotator or mirrorless digital camera. We want you to create high quality VR tours with your existing gadgets or with minimal hardware costs.

Product Features

Look forward to features which will enable you to create 2D & 3D floor plans and 3D virtual model houses using your VR tours when we launch.
We want to co-create a product with you, for you, and help you to grow your real estate business.

It's Free!

Create and store unlimited tours for free. We removed restrictions so that you can just focus on creating VR tours for your business. 

We Listen To You

We want to co-create a product that you will use, and help you to grow your real estate business.


Check out what other new features we will release when we launch our version 2.0

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